Service Information

Service Information

1. Temporary Staffing/Contracting

[Clerical Staff]
Placement of personnel responsible for all types of clerical work in the offices of various industries. Pasona provides clerical staff for general office work, and technical staff for work that requires comparatively advanced skills and credentials, such as financial planners and accountants.

[Sales Staff]
Placement of sales personnel mainly for development of new markets and route sales for corporations. We recommend and provide the most appropriate outsourcing and placement of sales staff to meet the specific needs of corporations who are expanding the scope of their businesses, or improving business efficiency.

[IT/Engineering Staff]
Placement of computer programmers and PC experts, as well as technical professionals in manufacturing and design, in response to the rapidly increasing need for technical experts. Engineers involved in Internet networking are provided by Pasona Tech Inc., a group company with expertise in specialized IT education and operations.

[Store Sales staff]
Placement of store sales staff with a wealth of sales experience and in-depth industry knowledge.

[Senior Staffing]
Placement of older professionals with a wealth of experience, knowledge, and personnel connections.

[New Graduates]
Training and placement of younger workers (new graduates and workers with limited experience), aimed at accelerating their contribution as genuine corporate assets. Under the "temp-to-perm" system, a company can later hire the temporary staffers as full-time employees, an option thatis rapidly gaining attention as a new way to procure human resources.

[Call Center Staff]
Placement of all necessary staff for call center operations, including operators, trainers, and supervisors.

[Workers with Disabilities]
Placement of workers with disabilities, including consultation related to the hiring of personnel with disabilities.

In addition to these job categories, we also place other types of workers, Furthermore, beyond temporary staffing services, the Pasona Group also provides contracted staff management services for corporate clients. The latter differs from temporary staffing in that it involves a direct management relationship between Pasona and the contract workers-mainly registered Pasona staff.

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2. Placement/Recruiting

In response to the growing corporate need for highly specialized personnel we offer placement/recruiting services in which prospective candidates are recruited, registered, and matched with job requirements given by the corporate client. We introduce specialists from various fields and businesses including sales, marketing, clerical, technical, financial, and foreign-affiliated companies to corporate clients.


3. Outplacement

In recent years, more companies have begun to support the re-employment efforts of their employees, by offering early retirement schemes and promoting temporary transfers to non-affiliated companies. For these companies, we seek out employers for workers who wish to become re-employed, and provide consulting and education/training that takes into account the anxiety and stress experienced by these workers. These services are provided by our group company, Pasona Career Inc.

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4. Outsourcing

[Outsourcing of Employee Benefits]
We support corporations in their efforts to simplify and lower the overhead costs of providing employee benefits through our various employee benefit administration programs. These programs include our exclusive cafeteria plan, as well as package contracts for operating an entire employee benefit program. Our group company Benefit One Inc. offers the solutions.

[Total Support for Call Centers]
In implementingand operating call centers, Pasona can be relied upon to provide the entire line-up of services and support from consulting and the planning, design, and management of call centers, to the training and assessment of call center staff on a contract basis.

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5. Other

Pasona has operations in several other business areas, including: personal computer education center operation, welfare and human-service related businesses, in-house corporate training provision, and others.


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