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Carefully Selected Japanese Liquor of more than 10 years old from 33 Breweries Nationwide
Sell of Luxury Japanese Vintage Liquor,「古昔の美酒」(Inishie no Bishu), Starts June 5th
Tasting of 38 brand varieties near Tokyo Station 

TOKYO, June 6th, 2020 – Some of the Japanese aged nihonshu (rice wine), shochu (Japanese spirits), Awamori (Okinawan spirits), and umeshu (plum wine) have been dormant in breweries throughout Japan. To remediate to this, Takumi Sousei Inc., a company with the aim of providing sales opportunities to Japanese manufacturers, craftsmen, etc. nationwide, started to sell as of Friday, June 5th premium gift sets of Japanese vintage liquor called “Inishie no Bishu”. The sets’ variety allow to taste and compare different characteristics of different aged liquor.

In addition to online sells, it is also possible to taste and buy 38 brands of “Inishie no Bishu” Japanese vintage liquor at the “Tasting Bar & Shop POPPING STAND” situated near Tokyo Station. Within the bar corner, a sommelier will recommend the preeminent pairing to go with a Japanese vintage liquor of your choice. 
The aging process of the Japanese liquor nihonshu, umeshu, awamori, and shochu, is made over the years with the water particles enveloping the alcohol. This changes the flavor mildly and creates a rich aroma. A taste with such depth that simple words such as “sweet” don’t do it justice, and a body which disappears rapidly after intake makes Japanese aged liquor gentler on the body.
The Japanese vintage liquor series launched by Takumi Sousei Inc., “Inishie no Bishu”, was created following the visits of more than 100 Japanese breweries in 17 prefectures after which 38 brands of Japanese aged liquor were carefully selected including 30 types of nihonshu, 6 types of shochu, 1 type of awamori, and 1 type of umeshu that have been aged for a period of 10 years or more (Vintage 1983~). Thanks to this process, the “Inishie no Bishu” sets have a wide variety of long-aged liquors, from light-flavored with a refreshing taste to rich-flavored aromas.

While spending a lot of time at home towards the prevention of COVID-19 infection, we hope to be able to provide a rich and relaxing moment with "Inishie no Bishu".

Overview:  「古昔の美酒」(Inishie no Bishu)

Available from
Friday, June 5th, 2020
Premium gift sets that provides enjoyment through comparing the characteristics of a variety of Japanese vintage liquor, such as 30 kinds of nihonshu, 6 kinds of shochu, 1 kind of awamori and 1 kind of umeshu, from breweries in 17 prefectures. Every set has a serial number. Furthermore, the products are limited in quantities and they cannot be reproduced.
Product/Price *All the prices below are represented before tax

●3 bottles set of 180ml / 4 variations
Variation 1: [極] (Kiwami) Price: 13,200yen

Carefully selected Japanese liquor which was aged for a long period and, thanks to which, obtained the ultimate fragrance. Enjoy the miracle that occurred in different brewery from different regions over a period of 20 years.
・「1983 岩の井」(Iwanoi) from Chiba Prefecture, Junmai (Pure Rice)
A 1983 vintage, the oldest nihonshu within “Inishie no Bishu”. Its sweet and gorgeous aroma, its spicy flavor with a strong acidity are reminiscent of mature white wine.
・「1995 葵鶴」(Aoi Tsuru) from Hyogo Prefecture, Junmai (Pure Rice)
This artisanal rice wine was crafted carefully for an aged pure rice nihonshu, it was then stored in a cold storage to finally ripen in a room temperature. It has a gorgeous and fragrant aroma of honey and almonds which creates a mellow sweet taste.
・「1997 華燭」(Kashoku) from Fukui Prefecture, Tokubetsu Junmai (Special Pure Rice)
By thoroughly controlling the temperature and maintaining it to below 20 degrees and filtrating the air regularly, this liquor aged beautifully and have a wonderful aroma. Its freshly baked toast, faint banana aroma, and slightly rich sweetness will spread within your mouth

Variation 2: [京都] (Kyoto) Price / 11,000yen *Only sold in Store
Variation 3: [兵庫] (Hyogo) Price / 11,000yen *Only sold in Store
Variation 4: [関西] (Kansai) Price / 11,000yen

●5 bottles set of 180ml / 8 variations
Variation 1: [琥珀] (Kohaku) Price: 16,500yen

The charm of these aged liquors is their amber glow, with the lineup having a fascinating diversity of colors. Enjoy the difference in amber shades and their rich flavors.
・「1999 成政」(Narimasa) from Toyama Prefecture, Junmai (Pure Rice)
A Gohyakuman goku (type of rice strains) nihonshu with a distinctive taste was created through being aged for 20 years to obtain a rich flavor with a mild sweetness and a slight bitterness.
・「1999 福光屋」(Fukumitsuya) from Toyama Prefecture, Junmai (Pure Rice)
This liquor has a caramel-like fragrance gained from its long-term aging, and an addictive spicy lingering sensation.
・「2004 北の庄」(Kitanosho) from Fukui Prefecture, Junmai Ginjo (Polished Pure Rice)
This liquor was aged at a constant temperature of 13 degrees for 15 years. The mix between its sweet and gorgeous aroma similar to one of a ripe pear and its refreshing cardamom like spice notes create a very rich flavor.
・「2010 龍力」(Tatsuriki)  from Hyogo Prefecture, Junmai (Pure Rice)
This aged liquor was specially prepared for long-term aging through which the malt ratio increased by three folds from its usual state. Its flavor altered to one with a rich sweetness with a wonderful sweet ripe fruit like aroma. 
・「1993 梅錦」(Umenishiki) from Ehime Prefecture, Junmai Ginjo (Polished Pure Rice)
Through its long-term aging, for over 20 years, this liquor gained the aroma of nuts and the sweetness of a ripe yellow peach. It is a dry aged sake with a richness reminiscent of sherry.

Variation 2: [至高] (Shiko) Limited Price: 22,000 yen *Only sold in Store
Variation 3: [至高] (Shiko) Price: 22,000 yen
Variation 4: [美] (Bi) Price: 16,500 yen
Variation 5: [北陸] (Hokuriku) Price: 16,500 yen
Variation 6: [東北] (Tohoku) Price: 16,500 yen
Variation 7: [純米] (Junmai) Price: 16,500 yen
Variation 8: [吟醸] (Ginjo) Price: 16,500 yen

●7 bottles set / 2 variations (500ml or 180ml)
Variation 1: [宝] (Takara) Price: 33,000yen (500ml each)

We have prepared long-term aged liquor for those who like distilled liquor such as shochu and awamori. All of the original liquors were aged for more than 10 years, and liquor aged for over 30 years was also discovered. It is a rare set which can only be found here.
・「2002 黒松翁」(Kuromatsuokina) from Mie Prefecture, Komejochu (Rice Shochu)
This is a rice shochu with an alcohol content of about 45%, made possible by the distilling method of pressurization. You can feel the beautiful flavor derived from rice, the richness, the beautiful aroma and sweetness upon intake.
・「2006 瑞鷹」(Zuiyo) from Kumamoto Prefecture, Mugijochu (Barley Shochu)
The preparation of the mash from Kamamoto’s barley and Mount Aso’s underground water is distilled using the old-fashioned method that does not apply pressure. This liquor characterized by the strong and fragrant aroma of barley and deep sweetness
・「2009 房の露」(Fusanotsuyu) from Kumamoto Prefecture, Komejochu (Rice Shochu)
Thanks to this liquor’s long-term aging process, its mellow flavor, its smooth texture, and its sweetness softens the strong 40% alcohol taste.
・「1984 抜群」(Batsugun) from Kumamoto Prefecture, Mugijochu (Barley Shochu)
Its surprising taste allows you to feel the sweetness of the raw liquor, even though it contains 38% alcohol. Due to the long-term aging, the richness of the original sake has changed into a new type of richness and aroma, allowing you to enjoy a mellow flavor.
・「2005 千鶴」(Chizuru) from Kagoshima Prefecture, Imojochu (Spirit distilled from Sweet Potato)
This shochu was prepared traditionally and was aged in its earthenware jar in a stone warehouse. A sweet scent like fruit caramel will tickle your nostrils and allows you to taste a rich ripe flavor.
・「2005 天星」(Tensei) from Kagoshima Prefecture, Imojochu (Spirit distilled from Sweet Potato)
Using locally produced sweet potato and white koji, the aging period brings out the mellowness of this shochu. Its initial aroma altered to give place to a floral flavor.
・「2007 松藤」(Matsufuji) from Okinawa Prefecture, Awamori (Okinawan Spirit)
The umami of malted rice, for which three days are spent making, and the sweetness of Kincho city’s mountain spring water create a mellow, deep flavor and a rich and sweet aroma which expand upon tasting.

Variation 2: [光] (Hikari) Price: 22,000yen (180ml each / 7 bottles)

●35 bottles set of 180ml / 1 variation
[時] (Toki) Price: 100,000yen
●36 bottles set of 180ml / 1 variation *Only sold in Store
[時] (Toki) Limited Price: 100,000yen
Here is a collection of 36 aged liquor from all over the country. Nihonshu and shochu, which have matured for nearly 40 years, are rare liquors that are hard to find even in Japanese breweries, and, therefore, this collection stands out even within vintage ones.

<Online Store>
●For Japan: Japanese vintage liquor online shop
●For overseas: Cross-border ecommerce for domestic alcoholic beverages to overseas

< Tokyo Station Store>
●”Tasting Bar & Shop POPPING STAND" in front of Tokyo Station
Address: Japan Building B1 2-6-2 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Shop: Tasting of a 38 varieties of Japanese aged liquor brands (free tasting), and, then, it is possible to buy the one that pleased you the most.
Bar: A wine sommelier will prepare the perfect food and liquor pairing menus to maximize the presence of aged liquor. Here can be enjoyed the world’s ultimate pairing.
Takumi Sousei Inc.
電話番号  03-6832-7363

 Overview: Takumi Sousei Inc.

Official Name
Takumi Sousei Inc. (株式会社匠創生)
Office Location
Headquarters: 924-1 Iwaya, Awaji City, Hyogo Prefecture
Sales Headquarters: Nihon Building 12th floor 2-6-2 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Tokyo store: 2-6-2 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Nihon Building B1F "POPPING STAND"
May 9th, 2017
100 million yen
Yoshihiko Yasumura
Business Contents
・Branding, promotion and sales of products “made in Japan”
・Management and sales of long-term aged Japanese liquor premium brand “Inishie no Bishu” and overseas export
・Operating the "Tasting Bar & Shop POPPING STAND", a liquor store in front of Tokyo Station
Liquor sales license


株式会社パソナグループ 広報部
電話番号 03-6734-0215


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