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Pasona × U.S.-Japan Council 
Discussing the Future of Healthy Food 
"Future of Food" Conference & Mixer to be held March 10th

Tokyo March 6th - Pasona Group Inc. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Group CEO: Yasuyuki Nambu), in collaboration with the U.S.-Japan Council, will jointly hold the "U.S.-Japan 'Future of Food' Conference & Mixer" on Friday, March 10th at PASONA SQUARE (Minato-ku, Tokyo) with speakers and guests from food and other industries in the U.S. and Japan.

The coronavirus pandemic has spurred a greater interest in public health, immune strength, and healthy living. In particular, the Japanese concept of food-as-medicine and Japanese fermented food culture has taken hold overseas.

In addition to developing a large number of accommodation and restaurant facilities which serve healthy cuisine with ingredients from Awaji Island (Hyogo Prefecture), Pasona Group has been propagating on the current state and future of healthy food. Last November, Pasona Group held the "World King of Chefs Summit 2022", inviting chefs and food specialists from all over the world as part of the "Awaji Well-being Week", an initiative to realize a society of well-being. Additionally, at the 2025 World Expo in Osaka, Kansai, the company will exhibit the PASONA Natureverse", a pavilion themed around "body, mind, and bonds" which will feature strides in the creation of a rich and healthy body, mind, and society.

Pasona Group is now collaborating with the U.S.-Japan Council to jointly hold the "Future of Food" Conference & Mixer to discuss the future of healthy food as well as Japanese fermented food culture, featuring speakers and guests from food and other industries in the U.S. and Japan.

Through this event, in addition to promoting an understanding of fermentation and Japanese food culture in the U.S., Pasona Group aims to foster a mutual exchange between Japanese and American food industries and the further development of both nations' food cultures.

Overview: Pasona x U.S.-Japan Council "Future of Food" Conference & Mixer

March 10th, 2023 (Friday) 17:30~21:00
PASONA SQUARE 16F/17F (Minami-Aoyama 3-1-30 Minato-ku, Tokyo)
[I] Conference 17:30-18:50
・"The Cutting Edge of Food Tech"Speaker: Gabe Youtsey (University of California, Agriculture & Natural Resources)
・"Creating a Society of Well-being in Awaji Island"Speaker: Masato Ito (Pasona Group Inc.)
・"The Possibilities and Future of Japanese Fermentation"Speaker: Nobuaki Fushiki (Fermentation and Brewing Chef)
[II] Networking Mixer 19:00-21:00
・Fermented foods prepared by Chef Nobuaki Fushiki
・Aged sake tasting & talk session with Akihiko Yasumura CEO of Takumi Sosei Inc. (
・California wine tasting (provided by WINE TO STYLE K.K.)
・Business introductions from guest entrepreneurs

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