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image_Nambu Yasuyuki

Partial transfer of headquarters functions

I would like to express my deepest appreciation to all of our shareholders for their continuous and exceptional support.

In September 2020, Pasona Group announced the partial transfer of headquarters functions to Awaji Island in Hyogo Prefecture, Japan. While closely monitoring the status of COVID-19 cases and the situation in general, we have been transferring 1,200 people in stages, mainly from management departments.

This transfer has three objectives. The first is for strengthening our business continuity plans (BCP) for coping with various business risks, including pandemics such as COVID-19, as well as natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods. The second is to bring many goal-oriented and talented people together in one place so as to induce a synergetic reaction that will create promising new industries. The third is to realize genuinely fulfilling lifestyles and work styles.

Creating new industries targeting Awaji Island

Initiatives that began in 2008 by Pasona Group at Awaji Island are now entering their 13th year. The challenge that we have taken on—regional revitalization—comprises the development of people, the creation of jobs, and the creation of culture.

This last spring, under the slogan of "Developing people builds nations," we started the GAP YEAR Program at Value Creation Institute to support recent university graduates that, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, remain unemployed. We are also running the Fresh Career Up Program, which has provided active opportunities for the over 1,000 airline and travel industry employees that, in being forced to stay home, have yet to even attend their workplace since being hired. This program has also successfully created opportunities for musicians, chefs, and others—those put into dire straits by the COVID-19 pandemic—to take on new challenges. Together, we will create promising new industries on Awaji Island, making it a hotspot for gourmet food, culture & the arts, and health.

Toward achieving a sustainable and genuinely rich society

Our values are currently undergoing a major transition from material fulfillment to spiritual fulfillment.

Through our efforts on Awaji Island, we are aiming to realize the Smart Life Initiative, which makes it possible for people to pursue "genuinely fulfilled lifestyles and work styles." We will create a society where anyone in good mental and physical health that wants to work, can work, confident in their job, while contemplating a bright future of their own making. This initiative is not limited to Awaji Island but, in partnership with local people and industries, is expanding to the Tohoku region, Kyotango City, and all of Japan.

Serving as a societal solutions company, Pasona Group will maintain its commitment to working with all stakeholders in taking on the challenge of creating a sustainable and genuinely rich society.

Nambu Yasuyuki, PASONA GROUP CEO
August 2021