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To shareholders and investors

30 Years Since the Founding of Pasona

This year, 2023, represents a turning point for the Pasona Group. Thirty years have passed since the company name was changed from Temporary Center Co., Ltd. to Pasona, Inc. In 1993, the year of the name change, Japan was in the midst of a major recession following the bursting of the bubble economy. It was an era in which corporate performance rapidly deteriorated, and the word "restore," meaning "to restructure," was all over the newspapers. The name "Pasona" was created based on the Latin word for people, "persona." Changing the company moniker to one that broadly expresses the meaning of "people" set the stage for us to pursue the "Providing solutions to society's problems" not only by offering recruiting services but also by making proposals for diverse ways of living and employment to the world at large.

Toward Realizing Well-Being

One of the major themes that we at the Pasona Group are taking on is "well-being." The concept of well-being traces itself back to the Constitution of the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1946, according to which health is "a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being." In other words, it is a state of health that includes emotional and social aspects as well as the physical. This is in fact the type of society that we are striving for through the businesses that we are developing on Awaji Island.
As a part of Awaji Well-being Week in November of last year, we held a variety of events, including a well-being business contest; the Innovation Forum, which brought together experts in cutting-edge medical fields from Japan and the United States; the Undokai World Cup, which holds various athletic competitions; and the health-themed World King of Chefs Summit. A total of 75,000 people both from Japan and abroad attended. In the fall of this year, we will also hold events with even more expanded content. Going forward, we will continue to develop various businesses based on the theme of well-being.

Osaka Kansai Expo: Promoting a truly affluent society

As a move toward this event, we have decided to exhibit a pavilion at the 2025 Japan International Exposition (Osaka Kansai Expo).
The pavilion theme and name are, respectively, "Thank You, Life." and "PASONA Natureverse." Our aspiration is to create a world in which all the world's people honor life and exchange words of gratitude. Based on this hope, PASONA Natureverse will feature a variety of displays with the theme of "Body, Mind, and Bonds."
The first, "Body," refers to the creation of a healthy body through food. "Mind," the second, represents the building of a spiritually rich society by adopting attitudes of sincerity and consideration. The third, "Bonds," is the creation of a so-called "mutual society," in which all people can work at a vibrant career and lead happy lives.

The Japan of the past possessed a neighborhood ethic, by which it was customary for neighbors to help each other, with a spiritual richness engendered by warm personal exchanges between people. In recent years, however, large cities in particular have seen the rise of individualism and the loss of interpersonal bonds, consideration, and kindness. Now is therefore the time in which we should aim to realize a spiritually rich mutual society that embraces mutual consideration.

The following is a favorite saying of mine by Mahatma Gandhi:
The future depends on what we do in the present.

Through the various challenges taken on at Awaji Island and the pavilion exhibition at Osaka Kansai Expo, we will show the world our vision for the design of a future society. In our capacity as a "social solutions company," the Pasona Group is fully committed to realizing the continuous challenge of achieving a truly affluent society.

Nambu Yasuyuki, PASONA GROUP CEO
August 2023