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Taking on the Challenge of Creating New Jobs as Part of Regional Revitalization

The Pasona Group is taking on the challenge of new job creation by attracting human resources to rural areas. The aim is to revitalize regional industry by bringing together people with diverse talents. By cooperating with local governments and businesses, the Pasona Group is working on regional revitalization to facilitate the sustainable development of rural communities across Japan, based on the themes of relocation to provincial areas, employment support, Japanese culture, history, food, and health.

Regional Revitalization (Awaji)

Starting with the establishment of our Challenge Farm in 2008 with the aim of invigorating the agricultural industry and providing support to new farmers, the Pasona Group is driving the regional revitalization business on Awaji Island in Hyogo Prefecture. We have developed industries related to culture, arts, health, food, education, etc. to attract people and created a lot of employment on the island. Moreover, we established facilities by utilizing local resources and promote the appeal of Awaji Island through a variety of events, thereby attracting many visitors from inside and outside Japan.

Revamping the prefectural park by collaborating with the magnificent natural landscape

Interactive anime park Nijigen no Mori

Dragon Quest Island
Dragon Quest Island
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© Masashi Kishimoto (Scott)/Shueisha, TV Tokyo, Pierrot

Godzilla Interception Operation Awaji


Crayon Shin-chan Adventure Park

© Yoshito Usui/Futabasha Publishers, Shin-Ei Animation, TV Asahi, ADK 1993-2020

Japan's first interactive animation-themed park was launched on the integrated theme of nature and 2D contents such as manga and anime in the Hyogo Prefectural Awaji Island Park covering an area
equivalent to approx. 28 Tokyo Domes.

Promoting Awaji Island worldwide through Hello Kitty character, beloved across generations


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Visitors can experience the ocean-themed world of Hello Kitty through projection mapping and also enjoy authentic Chinese cuisine using seasonal local foods.

Theater restaurant offering Hello Kitty shows and dining HELLO KITTY SHOW BOX

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The restaurant provides shows featuring singing, dancing, and a musical performance that can be enjoyed by people of all ages as well as wholesome and delicious vegan dishes.

Achieving a wellness lifestyle in a rich natural environment on Awaji Island

Zenbo Seinei

Zenbo Seinei

A place for experiencing Zen Buddhism has been created in the natural surroundings of Awaji Island at 135 degrees longitude. This zen retreatment balances the body and spirit through activities such as Zen and calligraphy to regulate the spirit and through the eating of healthy foods that are easy on the physical body, such as rice porridge and tofu.

Sustainable Garden Awaji Nature Lab & Resort

Sustainable Garden  Awaji Nature Lab & Resort

This provides opportunities to learn about the coexistence of nature and people while engaging in enjoyable activities that use the five senses. It also fosters values that are environmentally friendly and health friendly with respect to lifestyle, consumption, selecting things, and related topics.

Restaurants with diverse options to experience some Awaji Island's delicacies

Offering productions one after another, including a spectacular location for enjoying nature—from the clear blue ocean and mountains lush with greenery to a view selected as one of the best of Japan's sunsets—with cafes and restaurants, visited by many tourists both from the island and elsewhere, utilizing the foodstuffs of Awaji Island, a "treasure house of foods".

Nojima Scuola

Through the renovation of an old elementary school building, Nojima Scuola was opened in 2012 under the keywords of "food, farming, learning, and art." Located on Awaji Island, it is used for hosting a variety of events, serving as center for distributing information on local activities and a place for the local community to gather.

Theater & restaurant SEIKAIHA

Based on the theme of performance and feast, SEIKAIHA offers spaces where visitors can enjoy Japanese cuisine and western-style dishes with a Japanese touch while appreciating Japanese culture.



Cafe Miele serves cuisine made with honey and fresh ingredients from Awaji Island.

miele the garden

miele the garden

Located on the 2F of Ocean Terrace, a 30-second walk from miele, you can enjoy this sister restaurant's popular cafe menu.

miele the DINER

miele the DINER

Miele the Diner is a seafood diner and café where you can enjoy fresh seafood from Awaji Island with a dynamic ocean view.

AUBERGE – French no mori

AUBERGE – French no mori

Each of the three annexes of the AUBERGE offers French cuisine that, based on its own theme, draws out the features of the seasonal foods of Awaji Island.

Hajimari no Shima Aman's Table

Hajimari no Shima Aman's Table

UTAGE features gozen cuisine that utilizes seasonal ingredients. Guests at SAJIKI can enjoy premium ingredients grilled on an iron grill or as sukiyaki.



Traditional crafts and merchandise from around the world are sold in the International Bazaar, and craft booths offer hands-on workshops. There is an expansive wood deck that opens up to a commanding view of the sea, where visitors can savor international cuisines using the island's ingredients while enjoying scenery selected as one of the 100 Best Sunsets in Japan.

Ocean Terrace

On the theme of Awaji Island resort space, we opened a grill restaurant in September 2017, enjoying unique Awaji dining while enjoying a location where you can overlook the beautiful sea.



A restaurant hidden in Nijigen no Moriʼs forest, serving dishes such as smoked fish, pasta, gratin, curry and more made with local ingredients from Awaji Island.

Luxury glamping facility in Nijigen no Mori "GRAND CHARIOT" 135°

Sitting on the highest point of the park, this facility boasts a prime location allowing guests to enjoy the luminous skyline of Kobe extending across the opposite shore and to stargaze at the Awaji Island's starry skies. The facilities also o_er unique creative cuisine prepared with some delicacies of Awaji Island.

Awaji Chef Garden by PASONA / Ladybird Road

Awaji Chef Garden by PASONA / Ladybird Road

Open air food mall where people can enjoy various types of cuisine; with a restaurant modelled after the streets of Europe.

Developing social entrepreneurs that herald new innovation

Awaji Youth Federation

Brilliant youths and social entrepreneurs gather from around the world, aiming to create new industries and achieve regional revitalization with diverse values, knowledge, and experience.

Planning a series of events to attract more people to Awaji Island

Awaji Art Circus

Professional artists gather from around the world to give a variety of performances throughout Awaji while promoting the island's appeal to the world.


This sports festival welcomes the casual participation of all willing individuals and shares the Japanese sports culture with the world with the aim of achieving a society where people can remain healthy.