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Ever since its founding, Pasona Group has promoted diversity based on a clear and transparent corporate philosophy of "Providing Solutions to Society's Problems," and has built various forms of social infrastructure enabling anyone to freely select the jobs they like and gain opportunities to work.

Pasona Group's job is to harness the potential of the individual. In other words, to coin a phrase, the job is to:"Life Produce" - to create lives of abundance for people. Creating a society in which everyone can design their own lives of abundance according to their ways of working that suit their own lifestyles: those who consistently maintain a strong will and seek to reintegrate into society, those who seek the challenges of a new life, who boldly tackle their life's goals-this is the corporate social responsibility (CSR) of the Pasona Group.

In order to meet its social responsibilities, Pasona has laid forth the "The Work of Pasona Group: The Pasona Group Corporate Behavior Charter," which is shared among Pasona companies worldwide-all executives and employees from Pasona Group top management down are required to have a correct understanding as these are action guidelines. We shall further enhance our corporate value for all stakeholders through pursuit of the roles and responsibilities outlined in our Pasona Way philosophy, by actively tackling rapidly changing social issues, and through our Pasona Group efforts to realize SDGs.

Each employee shall maintain awareness as a "social activist", develop sound corporate activities combined with social well-being, and contribute to realizing lives of abundance for people.

Nambu Yasuyuki, PASONA GROUP CEO