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Established Temporary Center Inc.

Start of the temporary staffing business
Launched a temporary staffing business to meet the needs of homemakers who had raised their children and wanted to re-enter the workforce to utilize the abilities and skills they had once developed as office workers.
The hourly wage for Pasona temporary staff at that time was calculated by dividing the annual income of a full-time employee by the number of hours the employee worked in a year. The aim was to obtain equal pay for work of equal value. Whether they worked four hours a day or three days a week, the hourly wage for temporary staff would be the same as that of a full-time employee.

Launched the Total Word Processing Home Office System

1987 Expanded employment opportunities for homemakers with job sharing and time sharing

Established Work-Sharing Inc.


Held the Word Processing Olympics, and Working Expo

Proposing various mechanisms to support career advancement for women
Offered new work styles such as work sharing, satellite offices, and telework for homemakers who were restricted in their work hours and locations. Major events and seminars were held for the social advancement of homemakers and OA promotion.

Held major events for women to improve their work abilities and skills
1983 The Three Step Office Equipment Show: See It, Try It, Use It.   Women's Working Expo '88 (job fair for women) honored with Jury's Special Award at Event Grand Prix   1988 Word Processing Olympics featuring accurate, fast, and beautiful word processing skills
1990 Opened the Career-Change and Workforce Re-entry Seminar (now Pasona College) for homemakers and women seeking re-employment and career advancement to help develop their work skills
1991 Established Childcare International Inc. (now Pasona Foster Inc.) as the operate and provide agency services for in-house daycares
2004 Started the Tokyo Business Exchange System to support career advancement in Tokyo
2010 Pasona Tech launched the Job Support for Single Parents to help parents balance work and family responsibilities with telework
2013 Started the SME new worker discovery project to support homemakers returning to the workplace
Opened Women's Career College, Japan's first work skills school for women
Women's Career College helps women to develop rewarding careers
Started Women's Workstyle Service, a consulting service for companies wanting to actively support female employees
2014 Started Ladies Be Ambitious, an entrepreneurship development program specialized for women
2016 Started the "Kurashinity" housekeeping service by inviting housekeeping professionals from the Philippines
2020 Launched the Single Parent Employment Support Project to provide comprehensive support for employment, housing, and education at Awaji Island to single-parent and others
The Pasona Group provides employment and living support for single-parent families facing various difficulties and promotes migration to Awaji Island.