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Other Challenges


Launched Venture Brains Partner (VBP)

Creating new businesses and new employment opportunities
VBP recruited business venture ideas from young people and homemakers. It then provided strong backup support for the most outstanding proposals in the form of business capital, management expertise, and human resource assistance.
A support system was established by teaming up with 27 major corporations.
New businesses created by VBP
Temporary Express
The first VBP project involved the commercialization of an idea by female university students. Meeting Minutes Messenger Service using microcars was recognized by the Nikkei Excellent Products & Services Awards 1983.
  Temporary ART NOW
The idea for this venture came from a homemaker whose husband was a sculptor. She wanted to convey the wonder of sculpture to as many people as possible and encourage young sculptors.

Established Temporary Center Hong Kong,

Pasona's first site outside Japan
It provided general HR support to Japanese companies expanding offshore in areas including recruitment, hiring, education, and training

Established Temporary Sunrise Inc.

(now Pasona Heartful Inc.) to promote the employment of people with disabilities

Established Designers Collezione Japan

Reforming a complex distribution system in Japan
This endeavor worked to achieve reasonable pricing for imported brand clothing and cosmetics in Japan. The attempt to sell famous non-Japanese brand products at prices comparable to local products was supported by many consumers, and department stores also moved to close the price gap between Japanese and imported goods. It paved the way for the appearance of fashion brand outlet stores in Japan.
Osaka ATC location gained attention for its service on roller skates
1994 Established Pasona Outsourcing Research Institute
to provide corporate consulting on outsourcing and to promote better efficiency in Japanese business management
1996 Opened Kobe Harbor Circus, an entertainment department store
Creating employment starting from scratch
After heavy damage caused by the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake in 1995, the Kobe Reconstruction Project was launched to create 50,000 jobs in five years. A large-scale commercial facility, Kobe Harbor Circus, was opened in the year after the disaster. Concerto, a cruise ship o ering music and gourmet dining, was also launched, along with Kobe Eco Car. Employment-intensive businesses were created one after another.
The opening day event for Kobe Harbor Circus attracted 130,000 visitors. It was widely covered as part of reconstruction efforts after the major earthquake.

Music and dining ship Concerto put into service

Using a ship that had transported many earthquake victims, a reconstruction project was launched for job creation and tourism promotion.
Music and dining ship Concerto was a symbol of Kobe's reconstruction
1998 Started a Japanese 401k program for temporary staff, thereby providing the first defined-contribution pension plan in Japan
This trial led to the introduction of a national system by the Japanese government.
2003 Started the Agriculture Internship Project
Aiming for new job creation in the agricultural sector
While older employees were losing their jobs to restructuring, and some young people struggled to find work, the aging rural population lacked successors interested in taking over farms. To address these serious problems and eliminate employment mismatch, the project became a stepping stone for new employment creation in the agricultural sector. It covered everything from creating ways to interest people in agriculture, to creating infrastructure that makes it easier to run a farm as an innovative business.
Agricultural hands-on training was conducted in Akita, Aomori and Wakayama
2011 Launched Disaster Work Rescue as a contact point for providing job counseling and employment support to victims of the major earthquake and tsunami
2013 Launched New Value Creation Fund as an incubation fund program to support employee ventures
2017 Opened Otemachi Bokujo, as a learning facility that focuses on dairy farming and dietary education with the aim of training human resources for the dairy industry
2020 Established a new and improved Pasona JOB HUB Inc.
<Developing a JOB HUB platform>
Pasona Komon Network and Pasona JOB HUB have united to provide services that will change the concept of work styles and human resources utilization's future.