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Pasona Group HR・BPO Solutions

Pasona Group's HR consultants offer support for HR strategies. They provide a variety of solutions to resolve issues of customers by offering proposals for optimal infrastructure from human resource and operational perspectives, combined with the latest ICT technologies.

  • Human Resources
    • Expert Serivice
    • Place & Search
    • Career development support
  • Business Process
    • Business process outsourcing
  • Public Solutions for Government
    • Public Solution
  • DX
    • DX promotion service
  • HR Consulting /
    Training program
    • Human resources consulting
    • Education and training programs
  • JOB HUB Platform
    • JOB HUB Platform
  • Fringe Benefits
    • Fringe benefit outsourcing
  • Healthcare Support
    • Health and productivity management support service

Human Resources

Expert Serivice (Temporary staffing)

The Pasona Group dispatches adaptable and competent human resources with skills and experience required for each job in all kinds of industries.
We have established a compliance assurance system and a complete support structure to allow customers to use our temporary staffing services with peace of mind.

Meeting needs with a wide range of experts

  • Clerical staff
  • Sales office staff
  • Legal/general affairs staff
  • IT engineers
  • Creators
  • Call center staff
  • Interpreters/translators
  • Secretaries
  • Medical staff
  • Sales reps
  • In-store staff
  • Marketing staff

Place & Search (recruiting)

The Pasona Group provides recruitment support for a wide range of occupations and industries, from young personnel to executives. Our career advisers are nationally certified, familiar with each industry, and can refer the best personnel to address customer issues and needs related to mid-career hiring.

Executive searches

We will recruit and introduce executive human resources who will meet customer requirements, such as senior managers including COO and CFO, as well as professionals with specialist skills.


This system allows companies to employ temporary staff for a given period of time and then switch over to direct employment based on a mutual agreement between the companies and hired staff.

Career development support

Outplacement support

The Pasona Group helps companies support their valuable employees who have contributed to the companies for many years and are now looking for a second career. A variety of support towards finding employment at a new company, starting a business and more, is available.

  • Supported over 160k people
  • 94% re-employed within a year
  • Over 96% users satisfied
  • All prefectures of Japan covered

Pasona career ownership program

In this era of centenarians, we provide support to create an environment for continued employment until age 70. We also have a wide array of options available to support the building of organizations in which senior citizens can play an active role.

Personnel Bridge Bank

The Pasona Group provides support for company's employees to change careers. The bridge bank supports the provision of opportunities to competent senior personnel by promoting the flow of human resources from large companies to small- and medium-sized firms and venture companies.

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Business Process

Business process outsourcing

With its extensive track record, the Pasona Group helps customers resolve issues and contribute to business development. Experienced consultants offer their full support during a series of steps ranging from organizational diagnosis, work process design, to the development of human resources, until these assets become fully operational.

Business Field

  • Clerical work BPO
  • Order placement/reception BPO
  • Accounting BPO
  • Financial affairs BPO
  • HR & general affairs BPO
  • Reception
  • Call center
  • Interpretation & translation
  • IT

HR Field

  • Human resources management
  • Recruiting agency service
  • Training
  • Emotional healthcare
  • Health management services
  • Fringe benefit
  • Payroll accounting
  • Employee survey
  • Corporate childcare

Marketing Field

  • Event management
  • Sales reps
  • In-store staff

Contact centers / BPO centers

The Pasona Group has 24 contact centers throughout Japan where a total of 5,000 seats are available.
Taking advantage of AI and IoT, the DX BPO Center Awaji supports customers with inside sales and web/digital marketing.

Group Companies

Public Solutions for Government & Municipal Offices

Public Solution

In partnership with government and municipal office customers, the Pasona Group provides optimal solutions to address their diverse needs by maximizing its strengths including the expertise and track record it established over time.

Administrative work outsourcing services

  • General information and family registration
  • Tax affairs
  • National and long-term nursing care insurance
  • Childcare
  • Public health
  • Accounting
  • General affairs
  • Government policy related clerical work

Regional revitalization

  • Support for moving to provincial areas enhancing interactions and increasing people involved in communities
  • Support for recruiting, developing, and retaining human resources
  • Promotion of the sharing economy
  • Tourism & inbound needs
  • Support for starting or inheriting a business

Industrial promotion

  • Support for small- to medium-sized enterprise management
  • Tourism & inbound needs
  • Support for agricultural and fishery diversification
  • Support for startup
  • Support for industrial workforce
  • Foreign direct investment to Japan

Job creation

  • Employment support
  • Women's career advancement promotion activities
  • Making the most of global human resources
  • Support for work style reforms

Improvement of the working environment

  • Fringe bene_t
  • Support for health promotion management

Social welfare

  • Nursing care support
  • Support for people in need
  • Childcare support
  • Support for people with disabilities
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DX promotion service

DX creates opportunities to generate new bene_ts and value through the transformation of business models by using digital technologies. As a strategic partner helping customers achieve DX, the Pasona Group provides a wide range of services through the combined use of human resources and digital technologies.

HR-Tech service Supporting DX in HR operations

We consolidate the management of HR data, such as employees' skills, evaluation results, and health information, to promote improvement in employees' performance and invigorate the organization through data visualization and analysis. While improving the e_ciency of complex HR tasks, we support DX in personnel management to create an environment that allows employees and the organization to deliver maximum performance.

Omnia LINK Total telephony solutions

Omnia LINK provides total telephony solutions for call centers through the use of cloud-based IP-PBX. It o_ers not only basic calling and management functions, but also next-generation AI-based features such as the real-time speech-to-text conversion and recommendation of FAQs. It also works with home-based call center operations.

RPA solutions Contributing to the optimization of work processes

The Pasona Group trains specialists to promote the automation of operations through the e_ective use of AI and robots. By providing new RPA solutions based on cooperation between humans and robots, we support further operational improvements and reform work styles.

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HR Consulting / Training program

Human resources consulting

The Pasona Group offers solutions for HR systems that form the foundation of human resources management, such as consulting services for organization and manpower management, HR systems, and labor management.

Education and training programs

The Pasona Group develops the education and training programs using a rich curriculum to address all business settings and diverse generations.

Training by level and position

  • Prospective & new employees
  • Young & mid-level employees
  • Leaders
  • Management level employees

Hospitality skills

  • Hospitality language
  • Customer Services Japanese
  • Customer services & manners
  • Inbound tourism support

Cultural understanding

  • Wine school
  • Cultural courses

Business skills

  • Business manners
  • Team building
  • Presentation skills
  • Time management


  • Understanding of Japanese corporate culture
  • LGBT
  • Women's career advancement

Global HR development

  • Business English
  • Cross-cultural communication
  • TOEIC L&R preparation studies
  • English lessons for overseas assignment
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JOB HUB Platform

JOB HUB Platform

Pasona Group proposes a new HR utilization system for the most adept personnel implementation towards managerial problem solving for customers challenging work styles.

Advisor consulting service

7,000 specialists, including former executive officers of listed companies, experts with in-depth knowledge of specific fields, and freelancers specialized in websites and marketing, are registered.

Talent sharing service JOB HUB(

The Pasona Group provides a platform connecting companies seeking work-ready human resources with individuals successfully juggling multiple (side) jobs, such as sole proprietors and freelancers with specialist skills and know-how.

  • JOB HUB Outsourcing (subcontracting through the use of telecommuters)
  • JOB HUB Enterprise (providing a web-based management system for outsourcing orders and evaluations.)
  • JOB HUB Direct Matching (placing orders directly to relevant suppliers for a wide range of tasks such as the creation of logos and websites, system development, and translation)
  • JOB HUB Local, Workation (open innovation connecting local companies and individuals seeking to engage in multiples jobs)
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Fringe Benefits

Fringe Benefits

Benefit One offers packages that include a wide range of fringe benefit services in order to meet the diverse values and needs of companies and their employees. Benefit One also provides comprehensive support for fringe benefit system construction and management.

  • Benefit Station
    Comprehensive benefit package service Benefit Station
  • Cafeteria plan service
  • Incentive point service
  • Asset-building and celebration/condolence benefit services
  • Training assistance service BeneAcademy
  • Life planning support services
  • Executive service Prestige Gold Biz
  • Service menu
    Over 1,400,000 options
  • Service subscribers
    11,381 organizations
  • Number of members
    8,340,000 people

(as of May 2020)

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Healthcare Support

Health and productivity management support service

This service supports clients achieve their ideal state of health. Further, the Pasona Group offers solutions tailored to respective corporate issues from health management to health promotion in order to help each individual employee work with vitality and enthusiasm.

Corporate services

  • Outsourcing of health management operations
  • Health promotion seminars
  • Health checkup reservation and administration agency
  • Stress check service
  • Lifestyle survey
  • Health point program

Services designed for health insurance societies

  • Happylth health checkup agency (Happylth comes from the abbreviation of Happy and Health)
  • Specific health guidance service Happylth Change
  • Health portal
  • Diabetic progression prevention program
  • Health promotion platform Health Portal
  • Primary prevention guidance for the elderly
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