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Business Outline

Since establishment, Pasona Group has upheld the unchanging corporate philosophy of "solving society's problems" and has constantly built new social infrastructure with the aim of realizing "a society in which everyone, regardless of age or gender, can freely choose the work they want and can work in a way that suits their individual lifestyles." With the collective strength of our Group companies, which have expertise in a wide range of fields, we are developing various services that enrich people's lives, in tandem with our human resources business.

Main Business

Expert Services (Temporary Staffing), BPO Services (Outsourcing and Contracting), HR Consulting, Education & Training, Global Sourcing (Overseas HR Services), Career Solutions (Placement/Recruiting, Outplacement), Outsourcing, Life Solutions, Regional Revitalizations Solutions

Business Segments

The Pasona Group classifies its businesses into the following segments.

Business Segments

The details of each segment are as follows.

Expert Services (Temporary Staffing)

We offer "staffing services" (Expert Services) for all types of positions in all industries, from office-work-centered clerical positions to highly specialized skilled staff and technicians, sales and marketing positions, and from new graduates to senior citizens.

In accordance with Japan's Worker Dispatching Act, our Expert Services are based on an employment contract between the dispatch source (Pasona) and the expert staff (dispatched staff) belonging to the Pasona Group, who perform their work under the direction and orders of the client company.

Temporary staffing structure

Temporary staffing structure

Types of Expert Services

Clerical Dispatch of office automation clerical work, etc., requiring skills needed in the office
Technical Dispatch of professionals requiring relatively advanced skills and qualifications, such as accounting, trading, insurance/securities related, interpretation and translation
IT engineering Dispatch of network engineers, SE/programmers, manufacturing/design engineers, PC experts, etc., related to IT-related work
Sales and marketing Dispatch of sales and marketing staff and clerical work related to sales and marketing (marketing, sales promotion, auxiliary work, etc.)
Other Expert Services Expert services other than those listed above

BPO Services (Outsourcing and Contracting)

The Group is entrusted with the entire operation of the reception/administrative/clerical/accounting center, along with sales and marketing, etc. This includes BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) and contact center operations.

Pasona Group's mobility and expertise are its strengths, enabling the Group to improve the efficiency of corporate management and operations. We have also been commissioned to undertake a number of projects for government agencies and administrative service offices.

BPO service structure

BPO service structure

Expert Services (Temporary Staffing)

Expert staff members are dispatched for each order.
Staff members work under the direction and orders of the person responsible at the client company.

BPO (On-site)

he Group has cut out some of the client's operations, such as reception and clerical work. Work is performed at the client's office. Staff members work under the direction and orders of the Group's on-site manager.

BPO (Off-site)

The Group consolidates specific operations such as call centers and help desks, etc., and contracts them all together.
Staff members work under the direction and orders of the Group's on-site manager.

HR Consulting, Education & Training, etc.

Pasona JOB HUB Inc. provides services to solve management issues by introducing experienced executives and highly specialized domain personnel with abundant know-how and personal connections.

CAPLAN Corporation provides: education and training services commissioned by various companies, government agencies, and municipalities; sales of talent management systems that centrally manage human resources; and consulting services related to the introduction and utilization of such systems, as well as human resources development and personnel management.

Pasona Heartful Inc., a special subsidiary, is engaged in social welfare-related businesses, including the development of an environment in which people with disabilities can work utilizing their talents and abilities, as well as consulting on employment support for people with disabilities.

Global Sourcing (Overseas Human Resources Services)

Since 1984, when Pasona Group became the first in the industry to establish an overseas presence in Hong Kong, the Group now operates 60 offices in 15 regions around the world, primarily in Asia and North America, and offers a full line of human resources services worldwide.

In the ever-expanding overseas market, we provide support for Japanese companies entering the overseas market, including placement and temporary staffing services, assistance in setting up corporations such as for local management and staff recruitment, and outsourcing of accounting and human resources operations. We also focus on training programs to educate local staff on customer service and manners that convey the spirit of Japanese hospitality.

Pasona's global network

  • RECRUITING Support for the recruitment of overseas human resources
    ・ Placement/recruiting
    ・ Temporary staffing
    ・ Recruitment process outsourcing
    ・ Executive search
  • CONSULTING Overseas operations consulting
    ・ Support for overseas business expansion
    ・ Recruitment/HR consulting
    ・ Proposals for business improvement
    ・ Human resources/general affairs
    ・ Finance/accounting
    ・ Sales administration
    ・ Systems/data application
    ・ Customer center
  • EXPATS MANAGEMENT Overseas Worker Management
    ・ Payroll for expatriates
    ・ Establishment of payroll regulations
    ・ Establishment of global HR systems/evaluation systems/work rules
  • EMPLOYEE CARE Employee Assistance
    ・ Mental health care services
    ・ Health management support
    ・ Welfare and benefit services
  • TRAINING Language education/training
    ・ Language Schools
    ・ Employee training
    ・ Assessment of language levels
    ・ Japanese hospitality training
    ・ Training for next-generation leaders
    ・ Global human resources development based on local residency

Career Solutions

Placement/Recruiting Business

We provide opportunities for recruiting/career change by acting as a bridge between "companies in need of human resources" and "talented people with various careers and abilities."

For companies looking to hire new employees, we propose the right candidates, while, for individuals looking to change jobs, we work together with them on their "career plan" and "life plan," including new possibilities that they may not have realized were available.

Placement/recruiting structure

Placement/recruiting structure

Outplacement Services

This is a service that connects the careers of employees on behalf of companies that send out human resources through human resource strategies (voluntary retirement programs, early retirement incentive programs, etc.) and that helps them achieve the next stage in their careers.
Experienced professional consultants support each individual through the entire process of re-employment, from career counseling to job search. With offices in all 47 prefectures, we provide a uniform level of service in every region of the country.

Outplacement structure

Outplacement structure


The main business here is our welfare and benefit agency business, in which companies, public offices, and local governments, etc., become corporate members of membership organizations operated by Benefit One Inc. and in which the employees (individual members) of corporate members can use welfare- and benefit-related offerings, including accommodation facilities, sports clubs, or various schools, etc. Benefit One Inc. is also engaged in the incentive business (loyalty and motivation support services through a variety of point redemption items), the healthcare business (health support for disease prevention, including health checkup services, specific health guidance, and stress checks), and a purchasing & settlement agency business.

Life Solutions

We are engaged in the childcare business, which includes: the operation of licensed and certified childcare centers, in-house childcare facilities, and childcare for school-aged children; the nursing care business, which includes daycare services and home-visit nursing care; and the housekeeping service business.

  • Pasona Foster Inc.'s childcare business
    Pasona Foster Inc. operates daycare centers, in-house daycare centers, children's clubs, and children's centers in approximately 100 locations, mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area and Kansai region, and also provides babysitting services and childcare consultation dialing services to help working families balance childcare and work.
  • Pasona Life Care Inc.'s housekeeping services business
    Our staff, with a wealth of experience and expertise, provide tailor-made services for a variety of requests, including cleaning, laundry, cooking, the nighttime monitoring of seniors, and escorting seniors on outings.
  • Pasona Life Care's nursing care business
    We operate nursing care facilities, such as home-visit and day-care centers, and provide unique services, such as healthy meals, a variety of recreational activities, and exercise programs that re-energize muscles to improve the physical functions and motivation of our users.

Regional Revitalization Solutions

In cooperation and collaboration with local residents, local businesses, and local governments, we conduct regional development projects with the aim of creating new industries and employment opportunities for sustainable regional development. In addition to food & beverages, amusements, and lodging business lines, which all utilize local specialties, we also conduct projects related to tourism promotion and business attraction to revitalize regional areas.

  • Regional revitalization projects
    Since 2008, Pasona Group has been involved in the development of agricultural human resources and regional revitalization on Awaji Island, Hyogo Prefecture, and is currently developing regional development projects throughout Japan.
    Pasona Furusato Incubation Inc., Tango Kingdom Brewery, Tohoku Sousei, Nijigen no Mori, and other group companies work together with local governments, local residents and local businesses toward creating new industries and employment in rural areas.