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Risk Management

Basic Concept

The Group believes that preventing various crises that could have a serious impact on corporate management and minimizing losses in the event of such crises are indispensable for sustainable development and is committed to risk management to prevent crises and reduce risks.

Risk Management System

In order to prevent crises that could have serious impact on management and to minimize losses in the event that such crises occur, the Group has established its "Risk Management Regulations" and a "Risk Management Committee" as an organization that oversees risk. The Risk Management Committee has designated a department in charge of each possible major risk and works to predict crises, including new risks, in advance, through continuous monitoring during normal times and has established a system to take appropriate measures on a daily basis and in emergencies based on the "Risk Management Manual." During normal times, the Risk Management Committee's major activities are regularly reported to the Board of Directors so that the Board of Directors can appropriately monitor the status of the Group and its response.

In addition, day-to-day risks arising from business operations are properly handled by the department in charge of compliance and reported to the Management Committee as appropriate, while the CIU Office and the Group Internal Audit Office monitor the day-to-day risk management status of each department through internal audits.

Emergency Response (Crisis Management)

The Group has group companies and sales offices throughout Japan. In the event of a large-scale natural disaster such as an earthquake or flood, pandemic, incident, accident, or other event that threatens the survival of the company, the "Crisis Management Manual" provides for measures to confirm the safety of employees and temporary staff and to ensure their safety. The Company has also established measures for business continuity in the event of an incident or accident. In addition, as measures for business continuity, the Company has formulated a BCP manual and dispersed the functions of business sites and information systems.