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Pasona Group Human Resource Development Programs

Globalization and the advancement of information technology have greatly changed the way jobs are performed and the way people work. This has highlighted the importance of human resources development rooted in the company's vision. Based on its extensive record of education and training, Pasona Group has created training programs that meet the needs of today and is responding to the needs of its customers.


Pasona Group opened Japan's first training school for women to provide comprehensive support for all working women.

Professional skills & qualifications

Accounting, trade, secretarial skills, foreign languages, OA, acquisition of qualifications, study programs for certification tests, etc.

Business skills

Career design, logical thinking, communication programs, etc.

Personal interests

Makeup, aromatherapy, yoga, color coordination, flower arrangement, etc.

Annual enrollment 22,000 people
Number of courses 2,100 courses

(as of August 2017)

J-Presence Academy

Based on extensive experience and expertise in the aviation industry, J-Presence Academy has been providing comprehensive support for education and training to meet the needs of clients, since its inception in 1984. It oers extensive training curricula and has a faculty of over 500 instructors.

  • Overseas hospitality training
  • Global human resource development
  • ICE human resources development
  • Communication and etiquette training
  • Employee training
  • Wine seminars, cultural courses, etc.


  • image J-Presence Academy1
  • image J-Presence Academy2
Number of courses 7,000 courses

(as of August 2017)

Pasona Education

Since its founding in Hong Kong in 1984, Pasona Education has been providing employee training programs including language education. It delivers broad support to businesses across Asia, including those in China, Singapore, and India.

  • Language education (Mandarin, Cantonese, English, and Japanese)
  • Employee training
  • Pasona Global Edge: Global human resource development training in Hong Kong
  • Japanese language skill assessment
  • Japanese language teacher training courses
  • image Pasona Education1
  • image Pasona Education2
Annual enrollment 6,700 people

(as of August 2017)

Career consulting

Career consulting professionals work one-on-one with job seekers to discover their individual potential. With enhanced education programs for skills improvement, support is provided not only to those seeking career advancement but also those making career changes to more specialized occupations.

Career consulting

  • Career consulting1
  • Career consulting2
Expert staff who have received career consulting 173,000 people
Qualified personnel working in Pasona Group (national qualifications)
Level 1 Certified Career Consultant
* There are 131 Level 1 Certified Career Consultants in Japan. (as of March 20, 2016)
3 people
Level 2 Certified Career Consultant 209 people
Career consultant certification 466 people
Career consultant qualification 218 people

(as of August 2017)

Specialized human resource development programs

Utilizing its unique characteristics, Pasona Group provides education and training to develop specialist human resources with skills in accounting, international trade, finance, secretarial work, IT, and medical fields.

  • Specialized human resource development programs1
  • Specialized human resource development programs2
  • Development of "PASS," an accounting work passport test, with the Japan Association for Chief Financial Officers
International trade
  • E-learning program: International Business and Trade [Basic Level]
  • Clinical research associates (CRA)
  • Medical secretary training course
  • E-learning program: Financial Literacy Course
  • Development of FiSS, a certification for Financial Skills Standards, with Kinzai Institute for Financial Affairs, Inc.
  • Practical international trade program
IT / Manufacturing
  • Salesforce certified technician training
  • AWS technician training
  • LSI / FPGA technician training program
  • Growth hacker training
  • Data scientist training
  • Study program for Securities Broker Representative Level 2 Certification
  • Cyber security specialist training:
  • Cyber Security Intelligence Academy
  • RPA expert training program
  • Pasona Digital Marketing Academy
  • Practical Power BI program
  • Oracle BI Cloud assistant training program
  • Excel VBA and pivot tables
  • Practical worksheet functions program