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Established the Skill Development Research Center for Older Professionals, a membership-type specialized research institution for the purpose of work skills redevelopment for older workers
Established the Elder Management Center
Utilizing mature human resources with a wealth of knowledge and experience
The Elder Management Center was established at a time when mandatory retirement at age 55 was common at Japanese companies, and the aging of Japanese society was already in sight. To enable companies to make better use of older workers and their wealth of knowledge and experience, the center was created as the industry's first temporary staffing companies specializing in older human resources.
The Skill Development Research Center for Older Professionals holds study sessions and symposia for companies and for experienced human resources
1984 Established Bright Career Inc., Japan's first company for safe outplacement
Bright Career provides outplacement and consulting for older personnel, based on the concept of positive safe placement that is sure to succeed. The company utilizes outplacement techniques that have spread rapidly in the United States. It played a pioneering role in the outplacement support industry.
1993 Established Human Resources Exchange System Inc. (now Pasona Career Company)
Advocating the mobilization of human resources
After the collapse of the Japanese bubble economy, many large companies were laying off older employees, but there was still a lack of outstanding human resources at small- and medium-sized companies. Human Resources Exchange System began advocating human resource mobilization for employment stability to eliminate this kind of employment mismatch. It created a new employment infrastructure that enabled the flow of spare personnel from large companies to small- and medium-sized firms.
Career Intern Plaza opened in Marunouchi, Tokyo, as a site to support re-employment
1996 Established Pasona All Masters for temporary placement of personnel aged 60 and older
1998 Started Talent Bank services, as a new employment infrastructure to utilize the talents of older white-collar workers

Launched Personnel Bridge Bank services

Personnel Bridge Bank services were launched to help reduce employment mismatch, and allow ample flow of human resources across industries and sectors. Kansai Employment Creation Organization Inc. was founded with the participation of 30 leading companies in the Kansai region. In 2003, Kantou Employment Creation Organization Inc. was established with the participation of 35 companies in the Kanto region.
2007 Started Brains Partner to support career change for national civil servants and re-employment in the private sector
2008 Launched Knowledge Bank services to provide career opportunities to engineers and researchers in a wide range of fields
Pasona became the first human resources services company to be certified by the Japan Patent Office as a registered research organization. We provide support for patent examinations by utilizing a wide range of specialized knowledge developed over many years by Masters Human Resources.
At Knowledge Bank, 200 members with patent certification qualifications are active
2011 Started Patent Application Support Service to facilitate private sectors' patent applications with a wealth of experience and expertise
Founded Nihon Employment Creation Organization Inc. to support employment and abilities envelopment for older human resources and those that have reached mandatory retirement age
2013 Started Pasona Adviser and Network Services to utilize the experience and career knowledge of retired executives
2016 Established Pasona Knowledge Partner Inc. to provide services focusing on intellectual property, while seeking out new employment for veteran human resources
2018 Established Pasona Masters Inc.
to create opportunities for older human resources, who have strong expertise and a wealth of experience, to exert their potential
2019 Launched the Elder SHAIN system
to create an opportunity for senior citizens to remain professionally active throughout their lives in the era of centenarians