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Environmental Declaration

In order to create a sustainable society and to leave a healthy and beautiful Earth to the next generation, who represent our future, Pasona Group takes good care of its limited resources in every situation, strives to conserve the global environment through its corporate activities, and builds communities of abundance.

Raising awareness about environmental conservation

We will extend the boundaries of our empathy to include all directors and employees, expert services staff, and their families and will act with a high level of awareness and concern for environmental conservation.

Promoting environmental conservation activities

We will collaborate with all stakeholders engaged with our company so as to promote environmental conservation activities and to expand the range of such activities.

Creating new value in the environmental field

We will take on the challenge of creating new innovation for the purpose of environmental conservation and will work together with society to create a rich global environment.

Basic Policy Based on the Environmental Declaration

Based on the Environmental Declaration established in 2006 with the aim of creating a sustainable society, Pasona Group has established basic policies in its corporate activities as follows and is committed to promoting environmental conservation while ensuring that all directors and employees as well as expert services staff are informed and educated.

1. Development of environmental human resources

We will develop human resources who understand environmental issues and who act proactively to solve such in cooperation with various stakeholders as well as within the company.

2. Reduction of environmental load

We will consider and promote effective initiatives to reduce environmental load according to the characteristics of the various business fields in which we operate.

3. Promotion of environment-related business

We propose and promote projects that solve environment-related social issues and that help realize a prosperous global environment, such as reducing environmental load and building a recycling-oriented society.

4. Compliance with environmental laws and regulations

We will comply with laws, regulations, and international agreements related to environmental conservation.

5. Establishment of an environmental management system

We will establish an environmental management system for our corporate activities and will strive to continuously operate and improve it.

6. Disclosure of information

We will disclose our environmental policy and initiatives internally and externally and will communicate with various stakeholders.