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BCP Declaration

In addition to responding to natural disasters and pandemics, Pasona Group will make recommendations aimed at: realizing regional revitalization, the creation of new industries, diverse styles of working, community development, and sustainable corporate & societal structures that will enable abroad range of people adapt active working styles, and we will propose business continuity plans (BCPs) for each area.

Connecting to the future

Under the banner of the Smart Life Initiative, which aims to create spiritually enriched lives, we will promote genuinely fulfilled lifestyles and flexible styles of working, and we will create employment and educational opportunities.

Going forward with regional societies

To discover solutions to social challenges brought about by the concentration of businesses and people in urban centers, we will leverage the talents and abilities of each and every individual and by working together with leaders in society and local communities, we will realize a "mutual economy."

Creating new industries

By creating dynamic new industries that attract people, we will contribute to the development of regional society by stimulating economic activity and creating employment.